Episode 5

Creating your first product


As the founders reach the halfway point in the accelerator, the rubber is hitting the road. Andrèz Coco has launched her first prototype and after a difficult pitch session she is left questioning the direction she has taken. It’s time to get back to the customer and re-centre... so Andrez (and Dr Annie McAuley and Danielle Owen Whitford) engage in user testing ahead of demo day to make sure their MVPs are in the best place possible. Danielle is now running a pilot with one of Australia’s biggest banks at ANZ - a big step for her business. She meets with ANZ to show them how the key product is evolving - a big moment in her startup journey. Meanwhile, Annie is getting her tech in the hands of children at her pilot childcare centre, where her daughter Grace is customer #1. A deeply personal reminder of why she is building her company and the impact it can have.
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