Season 1

Watch the founders grow

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What does it take to launch a global tech company? Join the journey of ten ambitious entrepreneurs launching their startups, putting it all on the line to turn their ideas into reality.

Season 1 Episodes

20th January, 2017 - Episode 1
We're going behind the scenes of startup bootcamp. This is where it all begins.
2nd February, 2017 - Episode 2
Pitch Day
How do you take a complicated business idea and translate it into a concise and compelling pitch?
9th February, 2017 - Episode 3
Inside the deliberation room, the panel of judges are faced with the difficult decision of which startups to invest in and whose lives to change.
16th February, 2017 - Episode 4
New Priorities
Family, friends, starting a global tech company - how will it all come together?
23rd February, 2017 - Episode 5
A New Normal
As the SheStarts founders get deeper into the program, questions are starting to arise about how they see themselves and present themselves to the world.
2nd March, 2017 - Episode 6
The Power of Passion
As the founders hit week three of the accelerator program, the pressure is on to articulate a clear direction for their business.
9th March, 2017 - Episode 7
Finding Your Story
How do you talk about something as complicated as blockchain or as sensitive as death?
16th March, 2017 - Episode 8
Ahead of Their Time
Refni founder, Xiao Han must take her incredible vision for cracking the online ‘filter bubble’ and turn it into a product people want to use today.
23rd March, 2017 - Episode 9
To Lead Is To Listen
How do you filter through a mountain of feedback and advice to decide on the right product to build? And what does it mean to be a leader when you’re stepping into the new world of tech?
30th March, 2017 - Episode 10
Divide & Conquer
In startup land, things can get pretty lonely if you’re building a company on your own. But how do you set up a co-founder relationship to succeed? And should you ever go into business with your best friend?
6th April, 2017 - Episode 11
Courage to Fail
The startup journey is full of rejection - rejection from customers, from investors, even from strangers on the web. But in every ‘no’ there is an opportunity to find out what it would take to become a ‘yes.
13th April, 2017 - Episode 12
Start Local
But how do you take a local solution and turn it into a global company? What are the sacrifices required to build and launch an international tech business?
19th April, 2017 - Episode 13
The Truth About Sales
How do you sell something when the product doesn’t yet exist? In this week’s episode, we follow three different founders as they build new relationships, and discover how the right partner can light the fire their startup needs to thrive.
27th April, 2017 - Episode 14
Sleep Like A Baby
What is the secret ingredient to building stamina and achieving startup success? In this week’s episode we look at the importance of resilience, and take a deep dive into the life of shark-scientist-turned-entrepreneur, Madi Green.
4th May, 2017 - Episode 15
It Takes a Village
In startups, the aim of the game is speed. So what are the ‘showstopper’ bugs you need to fix before a product goes live? And how does a perfectionist deal with the fact that their MVP (minimum viable product) will not be perfect?
11th May, 2017 - Episode 16
Little Bit By Little Bit
Building something for the first time is never easy - especially when you know that others have already tried and failed. But when you’re striving to create a groundbreaking tech solution that will change the lives of the visually impaired, you can’t give up if things don’t work on the first go.
18th May, 2017 - Episode 17
Break It Down, Build It Up
In this week’s episode, with demo day fast approaching, VetChat’s Claire Jenkins is forced to go outside her comfort zone, to turn her existing product upside down and work with the development team on a totally new approach… and there’s no guarantee of success.
25th May, 2017 - Episode 18
The Last Minute – Part I
In startups, there are lots of tough calls to make, and there’s no rule book to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. But when time is against you, how to you figure what you need to do, and what you don’t, so you can keep the ball rolling?
1st June, 2017 - Episode 19
The Last Minute – Part II
It's often said that one of the most important qualities in a startup founder is 'coachability'. Put simply, it all comes down to whether a founder can take on feedback, especially when it challenges their own ideas. But when everyone around you has an opinion, how do you make those tough decisions to steer your business in the right direction?
8th June, 2017 - Episode 20
Ready or Not – Demo Day Part I
Demo Day. It's a golden opportunity for startup founders to showcase their products, meet with key decision makers, and forge a path to gain insights, pilots, and partnerships. But when 100 people pour into the room, will the founders be ready?
15th June, 2017 - Episode 21
The Next Step – Demo Day Part II
With a room full of interested partners pouring in for Demo Day, the founders are on fire. The pitches are engaging, business cards are flying across the room and the feedback from all the guests is incredible. But how do you turn those inspiring conversations into real opportunities to grow your startup?
22nd June, 2017 - Episode 22
Strike A Balance
Building a high impact, global tech company is really, really hard work. When you’re putting it all on the line for your vision, compromises have to be made. But as the months go by, and the pressure remains high, how do you maintain that level of dedication? And is it even possible to strike a balance to ensure you don’t lose sight of what matters to you most?
29th June, 2017 - Episode 23
Waiting for Death
The first year of building a startup often involves a lot of smoke and mirrors. But how do you find out if people will use and love your product when what you're testing is still so incomplete? In this week's episode Founder of Airloom, Sally, is finding out how far she can test her unfinished product before potential customers insist on getting more.
6th July, 2017 - Episode 24
Be in the Moment
How do you build a big customer base when you're still a tiny company? And how do you build awareness about your product without a massive marketing budget? The answer for most startups is partners. But finding the right partners and building a strong relationship doesn't happen overnight.
13th July, 2017 - Episode 25
Imposter Syndrome
As the founders are gearing up for their massive trip to Silicon Valley, feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt start to resurface. How do you prepare for meetings with tech giants like Google and Facebook and business-savvy investors who have heard a thousand pitches before? Is it possible to project the confidence that you’re the right person to build your company when you actually feel like an imposter?
20th July, 2017 - Episode 26
Game on – Silicon Valley Part I
The time is here… The SheStarts founders are off to Silicon Valley! In Part 1 of the three-part SheStarts Grand Finale, the founders are frantically striving to prepare for a week-long trip to the US, jam-packed with visits to the tech giants, meetings with experienced entrepreneurs, and a chance to pitch to seasoned investors.
27th July, 2017 - Episode 27
True North – Silicon Valley Part II
During their massive week in San Francisco, the SheStarts founders have the incredible opportunity to visit the headquarters of some of the world’s tech giants. How can you take the learnings of a global company and apply them to your fledgling startup? And when it comes time to grow, how do you create and maintain a company culture as you take your business from one or two people to potentially thousands of employees?
3rd August, 2017 - Episode 28
Back To Your Roots – Silicon Valley Part III
During their final days on the other side of the globe, the founders are preparing for the ultimate test - as they pitch their startups to some of the world’s savviest investors in San Francisco. Will the months of hard work pay off? Can they prove they have what it takes to build a global business? And if they can… what’s next?