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Episode 14. Sleep Like A Baby

The startup life is no easy road. Managing limited budgets to build a scalable, global company, all the while having to juggle endless competing demands and maintain a clear sense of direction and purpose. So what is the secret ingredient to building stamina and achieving startup success? In this week’s episode we look at the importance of resilience, and take a deep dive into the life of shark-scientist-turned-entrepreneur, Madi Green.

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19th April, 2017 - Episode 13
The Truth About Sales
Partners, Advisors, Customers… There are a lot of players involved in getting a startup off the ground. And as a founder you have to always be selling, to get the people you need on board.But when is the right time to start engaging potential partners? And how do you sell something when the product doesn’t yet exist? In this week’s episode, we follow three different founders as they build new relationships, and discover how the right partner can light the fire their startup needs to thrive.
13th April, 2017 - Episode 12
Start Local
Great startup ideas are often borne out of personal experience - someone who has lived a problem and has the passion and drive to solve it for others. But how do you take a local solution and turn it into a global company? What are the sacrifices required to build and launch an international tech business?
6th April, 2017 - Episode 11
Courage to Fail
The startup journey is full of rejection - rejection from customers, from investors, even from strangers on the web. But in every ‘no’ there is an opportunity to find out what it would take to become a ‘yes.
30th March, 2017 - Episode 10
Divide & Conquer
In startup land, things can get pretty lonely if you’re building a company on your own. But how do you set up a co-founder relationship to succeed? And should you ever go into business with your best friend?
23rd March, 2017 - Episode 9
To Lead Is To Listen
How do you filter through a mountain of feedback and advice to decide on the right product to build? And what does it mean to be a leader when you’re stepping into the new world of tech?
16th March, 2017 - Episode 8
Ahead of Their Time
Refni founder, Xiao Han must take her incredible vision for cracking the online ‘filter bubble’ and turn it into a product people want to use today.
9th March, 2017 - Episode 7
Finding Your Story
How do you talk about something as complicated as blockchain or as sensitive as death?
2nd March, 2017 - Episode 6
The Power of Passion
As the founders hit week three of the accelerator program, the pressure is on to articulate a clear direction for their business.
23rd February, 2017 - Episode 5
A New Normal
As the SheStarts founders get deeper into the program, questions are starting to arise about how they see themselves and present themselves to the world.
16th February, 2017 - Episode 4
New Priorities
Family, friends, starting a global tech company - how will it all come together?
9th February, 2017 - Episode 3
Inside the deliberation room, the panel of judges are faced with the difficult decision of which startups to invest in and whose lives to change.
2nd February, 2017 - Episode 2
Pitch Day
How do you take a complicated business idea and translate it into a concise and compelling pitch?
20th January, 2017 - Episode 1
We're going behind the scenes of startup bootcamp. This is where it all begins.
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