From Pitch to Prototype

Written by Nicola Hazell on the 18th of May, 2017

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It was just five months ago that a group of women stood in the BlueChilli office and pitched their ideas for game-changing tech startups.

Back then, these businesses were little more than an idea. Since then, those ideas have been pushed and pulled in every direction, twisted around and looked at from every angle, to validate the business and turn a big vision into a scalable, viable product.

Only one week ago, the same group of women were back in pitch mode in the BlueChilli offices. Their ideas coming full circle. They were there to show just how much they have achieved in such a short time, and the direction their startups are heading in.

The first versions of their products were on display, with the founders pitching their businesses and seeking strategic opportunities with the SheStarts partners. They showcased their prototypes and MVPs. They pitched non-stop to the flood of people who poured through the BlueChilli doors for four house straight.

The connections made, doors opened and relationships developed were incredible. The founders were on fire – not a single startup display was left empty for the entire event.

“The SheStarts program has proven to be a high-pressure cooker where the secret ingredient is collaboration” – Executive General Manager of Sunsuper, Teifi Whatley in an incredible wrap up you can read here.

The day was also captured in social media lit up with tweets, videos and pictures of the event. There was a lot of love for SheStarts, not just in the physical room:

Emma from Brontech

Posted by SheStarts on Thursday, 11 May 2017

Team vetchat with Claire and Marcus from BlueChilli

Posted by SheStarts on Thursday, 11 May 2017

Nat and Andrew from MYOB with Carla from Longevity App

Posted by SheStarts on Thursday, 11 May 2017

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It has now been a week since the action of Demo Day, but the BlueChilli Group office is still buzzing from all the energy of the event. The founders have big challenges ahead of them as we now move into the second phase of the SheStarts accelerator program. They are now focused on traction, customer feedback and investor-readiness.

But with strong relationships, feedback and pilot opportunities ready to be explored, these passionate women are well on their way.

The progress of the founders over just a few months is a testament to their personal drive coupled with the power of collaboration. The network of SheStarts partners and advisors working alongside the BlueChilli team has acted as a rocketship under these startups – offering unique insights, unparalleled expertise and inspiration every step of the way.

When industry leaders such as ANZ, MYOB, Sunsuper, GSK, University of Technology Sydney, Vasudhara Foundation and the Business Council of Australia stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the women building the next wave of global tech companies, it sends a clear message about the importance of investing in and championing diversity in tech.

It’s a message worth sending, to turbocharge female leadership in the innovation economy and change the face of startups.

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