Lauren & Madi

Lauren Meyer & Madeline Green


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Currently there is no platform available for research scientists to share already collected tissue samples with each other. This means thousands of samples get thrown out or lost in freezers, wasting resources and research opportunities.  Samples don’t belong buried in freezers; they belong at the fingertips of those who need them for projects right now. Our database functions as a virtual tissue bank, allowing researchers from around the world to lodge available samples into a simple, searchable toolbox. This will replace the existing haphazard e-mailing efforts to share tissues, with a simple, central way to collaborate with colleagues. As research pushes new frontiers in how we understand the natural world, we are able to provide a way of making research more accessible, efficient and effective.


About Lauren & Madi:

Lauren Meyer & Madeline (Madi) Green are both ambitious, young marine biologists who share an innate curiosity for marine creatures, and are both fascinated by sharks in particular. Both hailing from small country towns hours from the nearest ocean, many thought they were mad to pursue careers in marine biology. Their hard work and dedication led them to North Queensland to complete bachelors in Marine Biology with Honours, studying their favourite animals, sharks. Now, as PhD students, they live under the water and in the lab, working to uncover the secrets of these enigmatic creatures. But during this time Lauren and Madi noticed there was no tool to connect with other researchers and determine who was collecting what samples. The solution is a simple database – working as a global, digital library, connecting researchers through a platform to share samples.

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