Jessica & Lucinda

Jessica Christiansen-Franks & Lucinda Hartley


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Most urban development decisions are made without useful community intelligence, resulting in places which are uninviting, empty and don’t contribute to social value. Neighbourlytics solves this problem.

Like ‘Storify’ for your local neighbourhood, Neighbourlytics effortlessly pulls together untold stories and unheard voices to present a rich picture of community values and aspirations. This provides local, neighbourhood-specific community insights and data that enables governments and property developers to drive new solutions for neighbourhoods that are locally led and loved.

About Jessica & Lucinda:

Jessica Christiansen-Franks and Lucinda Hartley are urban designers with a passion for social action. Growing up living around the world, they each developed a love for urban places, and a passion for the social capital that makes thriving neighbourhoods. Following their city-making passions, they pursued careers in urban design, only to find that they spent more time designing paving details than tackling social problems.

Jessica and Lucinda met around a desire to transform cities. Leaving traditional careers to pursue higher impact opportunities, Lucinda pioneered low-cost neighbourhood improvement strategies with with slum communities in Southeast Asia, and Jessica has dedicated the last decade to understanding the social impacts of urbanisation, including identity construction and social participation of urban migrants.

As directors of award-winning placemaking consultancy CoDesign Studio, they have pioneered new, disruptive approaches to city-making, now demonstrated across 50 urban renewal projects in Australia, involving over 10,000 local citizens. Building on this, CoDesign launched the Neighbourhood Project in 2015, now Australia’s largest and most recognised creative placemaking program. But they can’t be everywhere. Lucinda & Jessica have cofounded Neighbourlytics to help cities gain better insights into the social value of their city-making decisions and investments. By harnessing the power of technology to help decision-makers create more resilient cities.

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