Carla Harris

Longevity App

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Longevity App is a micro-savings app which enables users to put more into their superannuation savings without having to invest large amounts of money upfront. Longevity App links your everyday transaction accounts to your nominated superannuation account so that every time you spend, a small percentage extra goes into Super. For instance, if you spend $100 at the supermarket, 1%, or $1 gets sent to your Super account. These small yet frequent transactions add up, and over a working life can boost your Super balance to provide extra funds upon retirement. We hope that being able to make a measurable difference in your Super without needing large sums of money will change the way Australians think about and interact with their superannuation.


About Carla & the Longevity team:

Carla is a bit of chameleon, forever learning and adapting. Having recently graduated from her MBA at the University of Sydney, she started her career as an environmental scientist, with a PhD in plant ecology. Somehow, academic research led to her current role as an Executive Manager for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. Together with her incredible co-founders with professional backgrounds in computer programming and development, data and research, and engineering, the team’s skills are on point to excel in a startup environment.

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