the program

SheStarts is a groundbreaking innovation program for ambitious female entrepreneurs with big ideas for high-impact businesses.

World-class accelerator

Founders follow a step-by-step process led by expert advisors, to rapidly accelerate their business from idea to launch.

Capital & customers

Each startup receives $100k pre-seed funding, access to corporates for customer distribution & our global network of investors.

Global reach

The founders are building global brands and inspiring others through the documentary web series and social media campaign.

Join us as we follow the journeys of ten women and their co-founders, working to turn their ideas into action and build game-changing, tech-enabled businesses.

We're going behind the scenes of startup land, to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities for ambitious female founders. For some, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity means travelling great distances, time away from family, and leaving stable careers behind.

The stakes are high and these women will be pushed to their limits. Yet as they push through, they're redefining what it means to be a "tech-entrepreneur."

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